Soncoz SGD1 is a black rectangular digital to audio converter, or DAC. It has a function knob on the front right hand side with the Soncoz logo on the left.  The Soncoz logo is on the top in white.
The back of the SGD1 features a balanced XLR output, an RCA output, AES / XLR input output, and coaxial input and output. It features a USB-B port and USB-C port for connection to your computer or device, and a toslink optical connector for a digital input. It has a red switch to go between 120V and 240V and a IES connector and power switch.
This angle view of the SDG1 provides a look at the side panel air flow design, which helps keep the SGD1 cool.
The included black remote with the SDG1 features a mute switch, direction keypad with filter selection, input selection and volume control.  At the bottom is the Soncoz logo in white.
Soncoz SGD1
Soncoz SGD1

Soncoz SGD1

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You love music. All the music. Mostly in digital form. You scour the internet for the next album that will knock your socks off, and then you find it. You throw on your cans, maybe your HD 6XX or Focal Clear MG, and hit play. If what you personally want to hear from those headphones is the cleanest sound possible, without coloration or distortion, you should consider the Soncoz SGD1. It is a revelation in distortion-free DAC performance from the original designer of the Khadas Tone Board. Featuring a unique industrial design, thoughtful features like USB-C, Bluetooth 5, and a fully balanced XLR output; It's the digital to analog cornerstone of your end game setup.

High res PCM from 32 bit and up to 768 kHz as well as DSD512 native.
The Soncoz SGD1 utilizes two ES9038Q2M ESS Saber DAC chips which feature 32 bit hyperstream II architecture, patented time domain jitter eliminator, and dual mono mode for maximum performance.
The Soncoz SGD1 includes Bluetooth 5.0 streaming, with support for LDAC, ACC, SBC, apt-X low latency, and apt-X HD.
The Soncoz SGD1 includes an integrated wifi module which automatically checks for firmware updates over the air when prompted.
The Soncoz SGD1 is a fully balanced design from top to bottom, providing protection from ground loops.
The Soncoz SGD1 provides a USB-B and USB-C option for connecting to your computer or device.

360º View


Dimensions 9.84” / 250mm (W) x 8.85” / 225mm (D) x 2.16” / 55mm (H)
Weight 6.6 lbs / 3 Kg
Color Black or Gray
Power input 110VAC or AC 220VAC
Power consumption < 9 W
Signal input USB-B / USB-C / BT 5.0 / Toslink / Coaxial / AES
Supported sampling frequencies USB: 768kHz PCM 32-bit / native DSD512

AES / Coax / Optical: 192kHz - 24bit
Digital output Digital Coaxial
Analogue line out XLR / RCA
RCA Coaxial input
Frequency response 20Hz~20KHz XLR / RCA (±0.15 dB)
Dynamic range (DNR) A-W XLR > 126 dB; RCA >124 dB
Signal noise ratio (SNR) A-W XLR > 126 dB; RCA >124 dB
THD+N 1 kHz XLR / RCA < 0.0001% (-120 dB)
Crosstalk 1 kHz XLR > 143 dB; RCA > 140 dB
Output voltage XLR 4.0 V; RCA 2.0 V
Output impedance XLR 200 Ω ; RCA 100 Ω
Noise floor modulation 1.3 μVrms
Input Voltage 110 - 230V, Switchable

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