Moondrop S8
Moondrop S8
Moondrop S8
Moondrop S8

Moondrop S8

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The Moondrop S8 is a sonic giant featuring eight drivers and a triple crossover architecture. Each unit is handmade, from PCB soldering, wiring assembling, and polishing, every step is subject to the highest quality standards. Each S8 also goes through four acoustic test to ensure sound consistency and optimal performance.

With incredible detail and wonderfully musical tuning, the S8 is a standard-bearer for a high-end IEM.

Frequency Response Graph


Frequency response 20Hz - 40KHz
Impedance 16Ω
Sensitivity 122 dB / VRMS
IEM Socket 0.78 2 pin flat
Housing Medical Grade UV Acrylic
Driver Dual High, Quad Mid, Dual Low
Connector 1/8" plug
Cable Litz 6N OFC cable, No microphone

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