Moondrop Starfield
Moondrop Starfield
Moondrop Starfield

Moondrop Starfield

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Alone in a silent, starlit clearing. You look up at the sky and remember what brought you here. The tune you picked on your phone plays steadily. The Moondrop Starfield brings incredible resolution and clarity to the moment. An IEM that keeps up with you in the middle of this field, or on the subway headed to work. An IEM that has such a pleasant tonal balance, you can get work done while being constantly impressed at the quality of music that you hear.

None of that working for you? How about the following MEGA FEATURES!

Super Aligned Carbon Nanotube Array

Gold Plated Brass Double Housing

Lightweight, High-Performance Transducer

24AWG OFC Litz copper cable

It is a fairly neutral, yet incredibly musical IEM at a really great price. A brilliant choice for your first, or 30th IEM.


Its tuning showcases remarkable refinement, accurately tracing the Harman curve while refining some of its faults.


Driver configuration 10mm super aligned carbon nanotube array, single dynamic driver with dual chamber
Included cable 24AWG Litz 4N oxygen free copper
IEM socket 0.78mm 2 pin
Sensitivity 122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
Impedance 32Ω ± 15%(@1kHz)
Frequency response 0Hz-36000Hz (Free Field, 1/4" MIC, -3dB)
Effective frequency response 20Hz-20000Hz (IEC60318-4)

Fancy computers recommend