Moondrop Solis
Moondrop Solis
Moondrop Solis
Moondrop Solis
Moondrop Solis

Moondrop Solis

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The sunbird approaches. The Solis is wholly unique in the world of IEMs. It is the answer to the question; what if I could get the detail and timbre of an electrostatic headphone inside a housing that's the size of a nickel. It features two Danish electrostatic drivers that handle the high-frequency range and two specialized balanced armatures for both the mids and low end. What you get is a smooth relaxed presentation with fantastic detail and that electrostatic speed. For something truly unique, give Solis a spin.

Frequency Response Graph


HF Driver configuration Sonion EST Electrostatic Driver
MF Driver configuration Softears D-MID-A
LF Driver configuration Sonion 37 Series
Sensitivity 120dB Vrms (@1kHz)
Impedance 7.5 Ω ±15%(@1kHz)
Frequency response 10Hz - 45000Hz
Socket 0.78mm 2 pin