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The Focal Clear MG is a reimagining of one of the modern-day open-back classic headphones. Featuring a new all magnesium M-shape driver and chestnut/silver colorway, its sound is lively and engaging, with a level of detail that can still put most (not this one) headphones to shame. 

The light and flexible driver and surround provide better dynamics and greater bass impact. The sound reproduction is even finer, with even greater precision and impact, creating a strikingly realistic sound.

The new grille has a honeycomb ‘M’-shaped design that more closely follows the curves of the driver. The more open design allows for a wider soundstage, while the reduced space between the driver and grille enables even more precise high-frequency reproduction. 

Coming off a fresh revamp, the Meze Audio 12 Classics V2 are a fantastic starting point when looking to improve your sound on the go. A clean, focused sound combined with walnut wood and copper-anodized aluminum body make for a solid all-around earphone at an affordable price.

This week we are spinning the latest album from The Staves, Good Woman. Good Woman is a moving, personal collection of songs, and a wonderfully well-produced album. It takes The Staves farther from their folk roots than any of their other previous works, but it all works incredibly well. Check it out at the links below, and as always, help support artists!