The new flagship amplifier from Soncoz has arrived! Say hello to the SGA1 🏄🏽‍♂️

The Soncoz SGA1 is an opamp based headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier for stereo speakers. Using all high-end components and exemplary engineering design, the SGA1 can power any system with ease while providing incredible clarity and detail. Pair it with the matching Soncoz SGD1, for a stack unlike any other in hi-fi!

Hand Selected OpAmps

Soncoz has designed the SGA1 amplification circuit with carefully selected operational amplifiers. It is equipped with multiple units of OPA1611, OPA1641, OPA1622 OPAMPs. Four OPA1661 units are arranged in the RCA and XLR input buffer stage, and the pre-output buffer uses four OPA1611 units. The headphone amplifier buffer uses four OPA1622 units and there are two OPA1641 in the electronic output buffer. These high-quality OpAmps ensure you get ultra-low noise and distortion in the output.

Precise volume control with integrated memory function

The Soncoz SGA1 will precisely memorize your volume and gain settings on each combination of input and output, so you never need to touch the control if you have a perfect setting locked in. The SGA1 is equipped with a MUSE72320 electronic volume adjustment, resistance ladder circuit, that allows for precise volume and gain adjustment without introducing noise or distortion.

High-end integral power supply

The SGA1 features a custom-designed toroidal transformer with multiple layers of permalloy shielding. It provides clean power to each and every component on the audio circuit ensuring high-quality performance.

Quality components on the PCB

SGA1 is designed with high-quality components on the audio motherboard to ensure top performance. The rectifier circuits of SGA1 use two large capacity (8200uF*2) ELNA audio capacitors providing ultra-low ripple voltage on the main power supply. In the primary audio signal path, the SGA1 uses WIMA MKS2 series non-polar film coupling capacitors, that greatly improve the quality of the audio signal.

Multi function push button knob

The Soncoz SGA1 Knob features a multi-function button that can be used to access different features on the device. If you want to mute the output and put the SGA1 into standby mode, simply press the knob button once. It will mute the SGA1 and the “V” or “G” will flash on the screen. After about 40 seconds the screen will gradually dim until it goes out and the device falls into standby mode.

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